Commercial Licensing

Kingspray Graffiti VR - Commercial License

Kingspray Graffiti – Commercial Licensing

We offer a one off month / year commercial license for commercial and public use of Kingspray Graffiti VR game.

Please purchase one license for every machine on which you want to install Kingspray Graffiti VR for commercial use whether it be an arcade, cafe or other enterprise.

Commercial Yearly License


Commercial One Month License


Customised Branding


We offer a service for customising the build to allow for your own branding.

  • Logo / Image on the paint surface
  • Director system logo
  • In-game posters / ad boards changed to use logo

For custom paintable objects please get in touch for estimates.

PLEASE NOTE – Either before or after purchasing a commercial license to use the game, you will need to buy the actual software via Oculus Home or Steam storefront.

Currently Kingspray Graffiti is available to purchase from the below sites:




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Commercial License Terms & Conditions

Subject to receipt of all Payments, Infectious Ape grants to Company, and Company accepts the revocable, limited, non-transferrable, non-exclusive right and license to utilise the Kingspray Graffiti: VR software (Infectious Ape Property) for the License Term solely for on-site use at the Premises whether that is commercial, café or arcade (Commercial Purpose). Company is not permitted to resell or redistribute the Infectious Ape property; reverse engineer or disassemble any part of the Infectious Ape Property or utilise the Infectious Ape property in any such manner that is not in accordance with the commercial purpose.  All right, title and interest in and to the Infectious Ape Property shall be and remain the sole and complete property of Infectious Ape.  Infectious Ape does not warrant or guarantee the quality or safety of the Infectious Ape Property. Company hereby indemnifies, defends and holds harmless Infectious Ape (and its parent, subsidiary, associated and affiliated companies, including each of their respective officers, directors, agents and employees) from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable counsel fees, resulting from, related to or in any way arising out of: any defect (latent or patent) or impurity , whether actual or alleged, in Infectious Ape Property;  any illness, harm or injury, whether actual or alleged, arising out of or otherwise pertaining to the use of Infectious Ape Property, or any harm or injury caused by the Infectious Ape Property; or any label, instruction or warning on or in connection with the Infectious Ape Property or the advertising or marketing thereof. The Infectious Ape Property may integrate, be integrated into, or be provided in connection with Steam and similar third-party services. We do not control those third-party services.  Company agrees to be bound by any user agreements and privacy policies that apply to such third-party services. By making payment of this invoice Company accepts these Terms and Conditions.