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As real as it gets virtual reality graffiti simulator

Kingspray Graffiti

This Multiplayer VR painting experience uses state-of-the art Motion Controllers, comes with realistic surfaces, spray and drip effects, UNrealistic Undo/Redo, and you can spray collaboratively with up to four players at once from anywhere in the world!

Kingspray Graffiti brings you a realistic graffiti simulator. Jump in by yourself or your friends to bust out your sly art skills without needing someone to keep lookout!


Pick from one of the four high detailed environments to spray in.

  • Top Dog Auto Repair
  • Train Yard
  • Rooftops
  • Bunker

We also have “The Lab’ experiments where you get to paint on vehicles and different wall surfaces.


Jump in with your crew with our multiplayer mode.

Spray collaboratively with up to four players at once from anywhere in the world!

Full VOIP support.

Realistic Surfaces & Paint

We put a lot of time and effort into making the paint surfaces feel real-world with advanced shading and lighting.

High quality spray surfaces

Phone Camera

The phone camera allows you to snap shots and save your progress. You can apply filters to the camera and also switch it for selfies. Share your awesome shots with your friends!

360 Photo Capture

Take stunning 360 captures in game to share on social media. Position the camera, hit the button then you will just have enough time to throw down your best pose!

Replay System

Our replay system lets you play your artwork from the very first brush, sit back and watch your avatar playback what you have sprayed. Share playbacks with friends to show off your skills or help teach people your techniques.

Paint Colors

Choose from hundreds of predefined colors using our can selection carousel, or create your own custom color palette.

You can also sample colors directly from the paint surface, this is a great way of quickly switching colors or sampling a gradient you like.

Caps & Pressure

Choose the right cap and pressure to paint with, choose from a wide range of predefined color groups or pick your own custom colors!

Projector / Media Reference

This feature allows you to drop in your own images, use them as reference or project them onto the paint surface.

So even if you are not the best artist in the world you can still create some awesome pieces to impress your friends.



Take control of the Boombox, listen to hundreds of internet radio stations. Force your friends to listen to your terrible taste in music at least until they discover they can hurl your sweet stereo across the block

Physical Objects

Use the physical objects in your environment to either throw at your friends or stand on to reach the high up spots.

Kingspray is constantly evolving and updating, so we are always keen to see how crazy we can get, and what you all can do with the tools as they grow.

We look forward to seeing what awesome creations you all make with Kingspray, and thank you for your support!