Kingspray Graffiti - VR Simulator


Kingspray is the original graffiti simulator for virtual reality.

Hanging out with friends, bombing walls, and smashing bottles would be much more fun without the jail time. Kingspray offers realistic spray and drip effects that allow you to spray collaboratively with up to four players at once from anywhere in the world!

Choose the right cap and pressure to paint with, and choose from a wide range of predefined colors, or create your own. Join in the painting or just hurl barrels, bricks, bottles and other heavy objects at your mates to show them how much you dig their work.

To save your work take a photo or a selfie, load it back up and keep painting later on.

Afterwards, watch your avatar replay your creations to share your technique or show off your speed. Share your artwork with friends, and download other people’s work to admire their technique or just spray over!



  • Five High quality environments to spray in
  • Cross platform multiplayer play with up-to 4 people at once.
  • Realistic paint simulation, drips, metallic’s, wet / dry paint
  • Paint Caps – Switch between the following caps : Standard, NY Fat Cap, Pink Dot, Thin Cap, 100% Beef, Cyclopes, Feather Duster
  • Replay System – Watch your creation back from the very start.
  • Boombox – Listen to hundreds of streaming radio stations or pick from your own mp3 collection.
  • Projector – Project images directly onto your spray surface use them as reference or for tracing.
  • 360 Panoramic Capture – Take high quality 360 screenshots to post on social media (great for viewing in mobile vr)
  • Director System – Allows you to present your work in a cinematic and interesting way for viewers
  • Phone Camera – Take photos of your work / selfies even use our ‘Instagram’ type effects.
  • Ironlak Colors – We have all the real-world Ironlak gloss acrylic and metallic paints to choose from.
  • Guided Tutorial
  • Undo / Redo
  • Load / Save – Goes without saying really, we do save the full replay too so you can use this with the director system to cut an awesome video.
  • Multiple type of paint surfaces – bricks, concrete, rock, metal, glass, vehicle’s such as subway trains, train cars, vans / trucks, Giant Walls and even a giant baseball cap.
  • Objects to stand / climb on to spray those hard to reach places.
    Scissor Lift – Grab the remote and move the scissor lift left / right, up / down
    Scaffolding (grab and move the base plate to different heights)
    Crates (Youve got to have crates right!)
    Barrels + more
  • Interactable Objects
    Scissor Lift
    Hetch A Sketch
    Bat and ball